Gelato is another appealing hybrid strain that comes from Cookie Fam Genetics. It was engineered using Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and the indica Sunset Sherbert. A native in the Bay Area, California, it gets its name from its fruity aroma and dessert-like smell, a trademark of the Cookie family. The phenoytype #33 was branded the nickname Larry Bird as an homage to the player’s jersey number. The buds of the Gelato blooms in dark purple with orange hairs and a white coat of crystal resin. Newbies are advised to consume the Gelato with caution due to its potency. Experienced connoisseurs, on the other hand, love the weighty euphoria that this strain produces. Relaxation is strong but many can still be productive and creative in their day.

Appearance & Aroma

The buds of the Gelato are small but with a dense and thick structure common in many indica strains. On closer inspection, it’s easy to understand why many people are drawn to this strain. Its bright orange pistils are vibrant and stand out amidst the green background of the leaves. Accents of purple pepper the otherwise forest green foliage of the Gelato. When it is cured well, the Gelato has a dominant citrus aroma thanks in part to its Sunset Sherbert line. Yeast and dough can also be detected. When the flower is ground up, it produces notes of earthy and herbal profile. The smoke is thick and encourages lung expansion, yet smooth and leaves behind a creamy and soft sensation.


Gelato is known for its quick effects. Many have remarked on feeling its effects even before they’ve exhaled. Notable effects include an altered state of perception and confusion which forces smokers to adapt to intensified surroundings. Feelings of buzzing all over the body are also common which discourages many to do many activities but still allows them to move and be mobile. Smokers have remarked on the Gelato’s strong psychedelic effects like sound sensitivity and time dilation. The comfortable and floaty feeling makes the Gelato a perfect strain to use for daytime smoking as well as early evenings.

Medical Use

The Gelato is greatly valued in the medical marijuana space. It’s used for curing headaches and migraines. It can also help those with a mild form of depression, anxiety, or PTSD, elevating their mood. While many caution users on the potency of the Gelato, because it lacks any cerebral effects, people are less likely to experience paranoia when consuming this strain.



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