Weighing the Pros and Cons of Pairing Cannabis with Exercise

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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Pairing Cannabis with Exercise 

Cannabis with exercise ; Are you thinking about trying a cannabis product in conjunction with your workout, but feeling apprehensive? Naturally, it’s wise to be cautious about any new health fad, and there are pros and cons to adding cannabis to an exercise regimen. Read on for important information from Cali exotic Pharm to help determine if using cannabis products is right for you.

Knowledge is Power

Obviously, there’s a huge benefit to learning about a new health product before using it. Many people are confused about products deemed natural, and it’s important to understand that just because something is natural, it isn’t necessarily safe. With that in mind, plan to learn the ins and outs of using cannabis before you jump in. Also note, cannabis comes in a variety of forms, and not all states allow the use of each one. Do your research before trying a cannabis product. 

Words and Phrases

Whenever you’re exploring a new subject, terminology can pop up, making it challenging to understand what you’re trying to learn. With that in mind, keep these terms and definitions handy while you learn about cannabis, its use, and various products associated with it. It’s hard getting the gist of things when you don’t understand the wording, and chances are you’ll come across something new.

Product Choices

In addition to traditional marijuana, there are therapeutic cannabis options many people use. These are broken down into two groups: CBD and THC. The results these two options produce are quite different, with THC products producing a high sensation, and CBD products not producing a high. Cannabis with exercise 

THC can cause some negative side effects, which could put a damper on your workout, such as dry mouth, lethargy, and anxiety. On the flip side, it could relax you and relieve painful joints and headaches, as well as help boost your immune system.

Similarly, CBD has some drawbacks. It has potential for dependence and addiction, drowsiness, and dry mouth. As far as pluses, it seems to help with things like relaxation, anxiety reduction, and lowered stress levels.

Expanding on Workout-Related Effects

According to Newsweek, there are some potential gains for athletes considering adding cannabis in general to their workout regimen. The results indicate some people find both physical and motivational benefits from using cannabis, either before exercise, after, or both. Some people report a quicker recovery time following their workout, some look forward to their working out more, and some say they simply enjoy exercise more when cannabis is added to their program.

There are a couple of different reasons cannabis might achieve these results. For one thing, some studies indicate cannabis offers anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabis also appears to help reduce pain levels, so that would make athletes feel better while working out, as well as after.

Use seems to improve motivation both during the workout and long-term, helping people stick to their fitness plan more, and encouraging them to work out for longer periods of time. Also, with more and more people working from home these days, and finding that doing so is already helping to improve their mental health, it’s just common sense to incorporate this additional step to boost your workout performance and productivity, as well.

Long-Term Negative Effects?

Chances are you’re well aware smoking cigarettes appears to be hard on your well-being, as it can raise your risk for lung cancer and other health concerns. Similarly, NBC News notes smoking marjijuana has potentially damaging effects on your lungs. Those who smoke marijuana on a daily basis can be more prone to issues like bronchitis, lung cancer, and other issues. As someone who works out, these can be important drawbacks.

Along those same lines, American Addiction Centers points to research indicating routine use of marijuana can potentially damage thinking power and memory retention, while causing impulsive behavior and altering attention span.

If you’re curious about adding cannabis to your exercise program, it’s important to do some research. Look into the kinds of products available and think about potential effects, both short- and long-term. Cannabis could be just the thing you need to go to the next level, or it could be a health problem waiting to happen. Cannabis with exercise 

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